23 May 2011


Tired of coworkers stealing from your pen mug?

6 April 2011

We have a new website, courtesy of Tamsin Baker.

Tamsin is unfairly talented. She's an illustrator, animator, designer, children's book writer, photographer... She even makes creative cakes and jewellery.

Visit and watch her beautiful animated short film Bigger Than I Am.

1 April 2011


We've taken this idea down because we're now getting it pitched to the client.

See our other ideas at

28 March 2011

Young Lions Entries

We've been shortlisted in the Print category of UK Young Lions.

This year's 48-hour brief was to make people aware that UNICEF is the world's children's organisation and that many children have their rights denied.

We had to inspire people to 'Put it Right' by buying them Inspired Gifts of things like vaccines, water pumps and learning materials.

The first ad is shortlisted.

21 March 2011

Thumbs Up

We've entered this in the Chip Shop Awards in the Best Press Ad category.
If you like it, give us a thumbs up and vote for it here.

We've also entered our Future iPhone Ads in Invent Your Own Category.

11 March 2011

Ballsack Razor

Shave your whole scrotum in one smooth, sensual motion.

The best a man's balls can get.

22 February 2011

Future iPhone Ads

The ad for iPhone 4 changed everything. Again.

2 February 2011